Four Vast Vows Blair Thomson Japanese

At our Shakyo Sutra Copying group we had a very peaceful and relaxing time for practice. It was a really nice atmosphere. We followed the inspiring Four Vast Bodhisattva Vows – 四弘誓願文 Shiguseiganmon. This is a short (just five lines including the title) but deep and expressive, and we repeated the verse three times.

Rhythm and spaciousness in Shakyo of the Four Vast Vows

Living beings are infinite, I wish to free them,
Delusions inexhaustible, I wish to resolve them,
Dharma gates immeasurable, I wish to study them,
Buddha Way is foremost, I wish to attain it

Participants in the group traced, or copied, Blair’s example of the Four Vast Vows in Kanji characters. It can also be written in English (and by exploring the kanji meanings can be translated with different English options). 

Four Vast Vows Blair Thomson English

Copying these is an intimate way to connect with these famous wishes or pledges that zen and other Mahayana practitioners chant regularly, and is a great way to become familiar with the heartfelt meanings and poetry of each of the twenty two Chinese characters, several of which are repeated. Thanks to those who took part and for sending some photos of your Sutra copies. ?✨


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