Japanese Shodo Calligraphy – Zen Brush October 2021

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Immerse yourself in the inspiring practice of Shodo at our friendly online group

Date and Time

Mon 25 Oct 2021
7.00pm - 8.30pm BST


Online via Zoom

£20 (Eventbrite ticket link)

Age Suitability



25th October 2021
U.K. time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm (BST)

Los Angeles time: 11.00am
New York time: 2.00pm

We will practice Shodo calligraphy 書道 and learn about using traditional materials such as Japanese sumi ink and fude brushes on washi paper. This is a relaxed online group suitable for both beginners and those with more experience.

Beginning with some simple marks and strokes with the ink, then working from inspiring Chinese and Japanese kanji characters, relating to nature, meditation, poetry or Zen.

Mysterious universe calligraphy at Zen Heart Brush

We enjoy trying out the different styles, exploring with our own hands how the kanji and their meanings developed. This is a practice where we can really enjoy using the ink and brushes, and be totally immersed in the moment of brushing the character, naturally embracing our imperfections without judgement, and feeling grounded.

With demonstrations and friendly help from artist Blair Thomson, who is a member of Glasgow Zen Group and first studied Shodo in Osawano, Japan with calligraphy Master Wakabayashi, then Shodo and Shakyo sutra tracing at Japanese Zen and other temples with monks and nuns, and more recently with highly respected and kind teachers in Tokyo.

Japanese shodo calligraphy at the Beautiful autumnal Cowden Garden

Great also for folk with an interest in Japanese or Chinese culture or arts or language, Zen or Buddhism, and no previous experience is needed to take part in these groups.

Even if you don’t have traditional calligraphy materials, you can still take part with simple materials such as a basic brush pen and copy paper (please contact us if you are unsure or would like more details). At the group Blair will advise you about materials.

Booking is through Eventbrite, after you book we will email you the Zoom link and details for the group. Sorry but tickets are non-refundable. You can come early for a cup of tea and settle in. If you would like to find out more please contact us.

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Summer months of shodo calligraphy at Zen Heart Brush

生命 - life springing up with shodo calligraphy

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