At our September De-stress drawing and doodling group we had an inspiring and settling theme of being near trees and in the forests, breathing the pure air and finding inspiration in the colours of the trees and light shining through ???

It was nice company with the participants, exploring the barky and zig-zaggy textures of the woods through doodling. There was a lot of shaggy bark to draw! 

Refresh forest air at De-stress
Refresh forest air at De-stress

Blair read a lovely wee poem by Ryokan –

To a Visitor

Listen to the cicadas in treetops near the waterfall;
See how last night’s rains have washed away the grime.
Needless to say, my hut is as empty as can be,
But I can offer you a window full of the most intoxicating air!


Many thanks to the participants for kindly sharing their images to add to this post.