urban sketching

Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

We began the final Parkhead Heritage Trail urban sketching tour by loosening up with some fun warm up sketches – blind drawings of the buildings nearby and abstract line drawings. Afterwards we walked from Parkhead Cross to the Necropolis where we had the first demo… Read More »Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

Urban sketching at Parkhead – doing a demo with biro and marker

Artist’s demo of guess where?!! ???? #parkheaddrawingtour #urbansketchers #community #learning #glasgow Parkhead Artist-in-Residenceさん(@parkheadartist)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 6月 24 10:12午前 PDT

The first Urban Sketching Tour in Parkhead- following the heritage trail

Rubbings of the ground and buildings, word drawings, sketches with graphite and pens – really enjoyed the urban sketching from Parkhead Art Studio led by Alan Wilson and the luck of the dice to see which task to work on!