At our monthly Shodo calligraphy group online on Zoom we brushed the four deep characters Soku Shin Ze Butsu  即心是佛 , a famous old zen saying –  heart-mind here and now is Buddha – about being together with all things.

Brushing Mind Here and Now is Buddha

We brushed this in the kaisho and the sosho style too which was especially fun and meandering! It was great to brush four kanji together like that in both styles. 

Brushing Mind Here and Now is Buddha

Blair read a delightful and fascinating poem by Master Dogen connected to the theme –

This heart-mind, instantly Buddha (Soku Shin Soku Butsu)

Is it a mandarin duck
Or a seagull floating?
I can hardly tell:
White crests rising and falling
Between the standing waves.


Thanks to the participants for sending their calligraphy photos below.