Creative Time – looking up for the crescent moon
Two types of origami moon design folded by MT

We are often drawn to a super moon but miss the crescent, especially if we live in a more urban area. After the recent full moon we have a waning moon orbiting us just now – gradually thinning down to a slender crescent in the summery night sky. Thanks to Laura who has sent us inspiration for this activity with her mysterious origami crescent below.

Exploring the cosmos, with a slice of watermelon ?

For this activity you could do several things such as draw a moon shape, eclipse or cratery surface, or write a short poem about what the moon stirs in you or about a scene that has struck you. Above we made a really easy origami moon which is fun to follow if you would like to try it!

Creative Time – looking up for the crescent moon
MT’s fun word – drawing, with a crescent filled with cratery textures all made up of the word MOON
Exploring the cosmos, with a slice of watermelon ?
Blair’s brushpen doodle of moon and sun over the city of Glasgow

This is an instruction link to the origami moon Laura made, quite an intricate one which takes time, but captures something special about the graceful and enigmatic qualities of the dreamy celestial body.

Laura's moon ?
Laura’s mysterious origami crescent using white paper

Creative Time – looking up for the crescent moon
Elaine your artwork is so fun to look at! We really like the combination of the cotton wool clouds, eye drawing and colourful collage. You said your dad helped you as well to make the fishing rod, as his hobby is building models, and your piece has a kpop connection again! You also said about it:  

It’s the sea with the moon light reflection on it at the bottom. It was interesting to do, trying to come up different ways for the different parts. So it would be different from the original drawing. 

Materials which Elaine used:

Sketch book
Japanese Paper ~ Moon
Sketch pencils ~ Sea, eye, fisherman and fishing line
Watercolour pencils ~ Eye colour
Watercolour paints ~Fisherman
Fineliner pens ~ Eyelash and Fisherman
Parcel cardboard ~ backing for fisherman
Melted stretched plastic ~ Fishing rod
Cotton wool ~ Clouds
Stick of Glue ~ Glued the Moon, the drawing of fisherman onto cardboard, the fishing rod and cotton wool. 

Creative Time – looking up for the crescent moon
Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork Margaret – you said you were thinking about the moon and the tides – we love the qualities of the silver and the copper you have used and the flowing movement and gradual changes as the moon wanes.

More of us are being at home now, so we are bringing you some regular fun and relaxing activities – Creative Time – to encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and stay in touch!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. post on our Facebook page or 2. email us your image.

Creative Time

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