Try out writing spring (or vernal) equinox – Shunbun  春分 – using Japanese Shodo calligraphy, or in your own style in any language!

These two kanji on their own literally mean spring and segment/part/share.

Let’s write Spring Equinox

March Equinox – this is the time equal day and night, when the sun is directly above the Equator. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Spring Equinox, and it’s called the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Find out more about the Spring Equinox

Laura, thanks so much for writing spring equinox, your piece looks great and we can see how much you’re enjoying the mizu de kaku water paper – you did well to photograph it before the watery brushstrokes disappeared into the mists! Love the poem, it is so tranquil and soothing ???

Let’s write Spring Equinox

Nice one Ken thank you for sending your image to us by email, great idea to try out using the procreate app on your ipad, that’s interesting you told me you used abstract ‘Triangulum’ brush on the app, it gives a 3D marky feel ?

Let’s write Spring Equinox

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