Winter Blair Thomson

At our Destress doodling and drawing group we had an easygoing time with a seasonal wintry theme of snow lines and icy shapes and patterns to inspire us.

Winter 2 Blair Thomson

Folk who joined us used whatever they had to hand, such as a pen or pencil or coloured pencils or felt tip pens. 

Doodly relaxing with snowy and icy winter shapes

After some laid back doodles of lines and shapes (and some bird and animal footprints!) Blair talked a bit about wintry walking by the river near him and the experience of being outside and enjoying the spaciousness and patterns and cooler subtle and silvery colours of the season – after this and listening to some short poetry we drew some more and had plenty of time to explore our doodles more and bring in some more colours too. 

Doodly relaxing with snowy and icy winter shapes

Drawing in this way gave us freedom and a supportive space to just enjoy making each piece without judgement or worry, a great way to de-stress. Thanks to those who wanted to send their pictures for sharing.