Creative Time - doodling ice cream cones and lollies

It’s been sunny again in Glasgow and the best way we think to enjoy the summery sunshine is to indulge in a satisfying ice lolly or cone. Let’s draw or photograph one of our favourites!

Creative Time - doodling ice cream cones and lollies

Or we can doodle a few in the one sheet – Blair was feeling quite greedy and drew eleven! Including his cherished choco almond covered vanilla, on the top right ?

Creative Time - doodling ice cream cones and lollies

He worked on an A3 sheet with water based felt tip colouring pens, and posca paint pens. You could draw and doodle with any pens or materials you like, on any paper and size, and you can find inspiration from an image of one online or use your imagination and any patterns you fancy. Or a bit of both like Blair did.

Drawing summer ice creams and ice lollies D+P Studio from Drawing and Painting Studio on Vimeo.

Ken's ice cream
Fun and wonderful ice cream ? artwork Ken!! We like your ipad drawing style 🙂
Margaret ice lolly
Your watermelon ice lolly? looks delicious and chilled to perfection Margaret!
Laura's ice cream
We love your Fabby dabby ice lolly?, thanks Laura! We like the details in the choc bits, each flavour looks delicious.

Our version of Drawing and Painting Studio’s latest challenge! Can you guess what our favourite ice-lollies are?

Posted by Parkhead Artist-in-Residence on Saturday, 11 July 2020
Loving your ice-lollies, they look very colourful and tasty! The chunky one looks just like the classic and popular F-A-B, great work Rebecca & family (the famous Fraser Print Studio?) and thanks for sharing this frosty challenge ❤️

More of us are being at home now, so we are bringing you some regular fun and relaxing activities – Creative Time – to encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and stay in touch!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. post on our Facebook page or 2. email us your image.

Creative Time

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