At our May Japanese and Chinese stamp making group online on zoom we had a relaxed session with participants working on very different and unique stamps with a range of characters.

Diamonds and ovals - Tenkoku stamp making

We looked at example stamp designs, such as from Blair’s teacher Wakabayashi Shujo, and this helped us to explore the layout and spaces in our own designs and free up a bit, experimenting with outer and inner shapes, lines and negative spaces. Blair gave tips and suggestions about which characters could be combined in different ways, and finding balance between them.

For instance we had a graceful and mysterious cello instrument shaped composition with kanji Chinese characters and kana Japanese characters, and a diamond composition with ‘inten’ stamp tensho style characters which are boxy and have a graphic feel. It was lovely to have the freedom to explore our designs and share ideas with each other. Thanks to participants for sending your images ?


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