We had a theme of night over the horizon – the deep spaces of the night sky above the city or landscape, with the vast space of the cosmos and stars and planets.

Cosmic doodling at the Destress drawing group

It was a very chilled out relaxing group with participants working from images Blair sent them as well as from some poetry and images Blair talked about to help folk feel the atmosphere and settle into the artwork, and just enjoy doing their own thing.

Shooting stars and planets were popular! Please see some pictures by participants below.

Cosmic doodling at the Destress drawing group

We each had different materials, some folk had pencils, other pens or a mix of these. Blair did some small demonstrations now and again of ways of doodling and drawing he thought would be nice to share, one of them was a loose colourful picture of the northern lights, using art brushes which are a really nice flowing and soft type of brush pen to make marks with.

Nightsky Blair Thomson
Cosmic doodling at the Destress drawing group
Mark doodle night sky 2
Mark doodle night sky 1

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