This month why not take a few minutes to relax and doodle, we have a fun and  easygoing task for you to enjoy. Simply doodle some swirly spiraling lines, at your own pace. You can explore what sizes or materials, or colours or shapes you want to have. 

In the examples below we have just a few colours, one piece is with pens and the other oil pastels. Or you could simply try it with a pencil or any pen. Please email us your doodle for our community blogpost!

Creative Time - colourful swirls
Creative Time - colourful swirls

So many swirls of all sizes and textures moving into the distance, looks like you enjoyed creating this curvy world Ken, thanks for sending 🙂

Thanks Elaine for your lovely photo of graceful swirls in sea shells

M swirls
Spacious take on the swirls theme, thanks M for sending, peaceful feel and joyful colours

Have fun, doodle or come up with some creative words at our free online art community. Our regular relaxing activities – Creative Time – encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and keep in touch with us and find inspiration from other participants in Scotland and beyond!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. email us your image, 2. post to instagram with this tag #dandpstudio_creativetime or 3. post on our Facebook page.

Creative Time