Let’s celebrate the New Year with some colour and pattern. For our first Creative Time activity of 2021 why not enjoy some fun doodling with any materials you have at hand – such as pencil ✏️, pens ?️, colouring pencils, or paints. ??️ 

To inspire us D+P Studio participant Maria has kindly sent us her lovely artworks that she has been delighting in making, she says she really likes experimenting with ‘abstract, with a hint of realism, like rainbows, cityscapes, etc.’

Thanks Ken for sending your two images, this is a very funky and colourful digital image, a joyful start to the year 🙂
A very different atmosphere in your next iPad artwork, thanks Ken. We enjoy the transparent space and energy in your mark making.

Thanks for sending your surrealist painting Mike, very mysterious! You said ‘it’s abstract for January, one face looking into the past where we’ve been and another looking into the future where we are headed..’

Have fun, doodle or come up with some creative words at our free online art community. Our regular relaxing activities – Creative Time – encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and keep in touch with us and find inspiration from other participants in Scotland and beyond!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. email us your image, 2. post to instagram with this tag #dandpstudio_creativetime or 3. post on our Facebook page.

Creative Time