The theme for March was 雛祭り Hinamatsuri Dolls’ Festival. Otsukaresamadeshita – well done to those who joined! 

Celebrating 雛祭り Hinamatsuri at Kanji Club

Hinamatsuri was on March 3rd – it is a popular festival known as the Girls’ Festival or Dolls’ Festival. Impressive carpeted platforms display beautiful ornamental dolls of the Emperor, Empress, knights, musicians and offerings in Heian period clothes – most households have one, and some of them can be really large and colourful. 

After Blair discussed the kanji and history and meanings and sounds, we wrote them in kanji and also hiragana, and looked at the the parts of the kanji and the radicals, before enjoying some related vocabulary practice and then fun quiz time with some very varied kanji and words.

Celebrating 雛祭り Hinamatsuri at Kanji Club

Tanoshikatta ne – and we hope you also enjoyed it! 

Please join us at any of our Kanji Club groups on zoom, you don’t need any language or writing experience.

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Monday 12th April 7.00pm – 8.30pm UTC+1