Elaine's cats artwork ?
Elaine’s sketchbook drawing of cats, we like the style she has used and touches of colour

Would you like to create an artwork, short poem, write something about cats, or take a photo of them? It could be about your own cat, or cats you have seen outside, or an imaginary feline.. ?

Blair's cat drawing
Blair’s cat drawing

One of our Creative Time participants Elaine kindly shared an artwork (sketchbook pastels drawing above) and some mysterious writing about her quirky delightful two cats:

“The oldest being Elliot, he’s a black cat and the youngest is Jasmine, she was a light grey with white fur. She actually looks like she’s wearing a tuxedo.

Although they were both house cats, they liked being in the back garden till they were comfortable going to the front garden. They run away when other people come near them.

Jasmine is the one that likes to bring in small gifts into the house. Elliot can’t as he too old and only has his front teeth. I sometimes watch them what they get up to. Like at Christmas they sit on the chairs at the table that’s set up. Elliot tried to clean me like a cat. Jasmine bringing a mouse into, but she’s trying to teach me how to catch it. Elliot licking my plate cos he likes the taste of an Indian mild chicken curry. Elliot sitting on my Mum’s buggy as if he’s about to drive it. Jasmine looks like she’s cleaning my bedroom window. Both of them hiding underneath a car to attack a dog walking by. Both of them sitting in my suitcase when I’m packing my suitcase. Jasmine being a bit picky as she couldn’t eat any fish cat food. Jasmine hiding amongst our clothes that are hanging on the clothes whirler when the birds are eating in our back garden.

There are times when I don’t think they’re cats. They like going out for walks with me before settling in for the night. I normally have to wait about midnight where there’s no people about and less traffic. When people do see me with Elliot and Jasmine, they can’t believe there’s no harness or leash on them. Even in winter they like sitting in the drive way with the front door open.”


Cats being cats – Creative Time
Funky colours and composition by Elaine, inspired by Korean pop!
Cats being cats – Creative Time
Elaine also was fascinated by the cat painting in her friend’s book of Japanese artwork
Cats being cats – Creative Time
Cats being cats – Creative Time
A lovely, sleepy charcoal drawing, we like the way you have captured Pooka’s soft hair with the charcoal, and the shape of her round body and angle of her eyes

Laura describes Pooka and her name 🙂

Pooka is a tortoiseshell coloured cat. They are know for being a bit feisty and stubborn and she very much lives up to this archetype – but then I am a red head so perhaps we are well matched!  Tortoiseshell cats are considered lucky in many cultures, including old Celtic folklore which is coincidentally where her name comes from. A pooka is a Celtic mythical creature or ghost which may bring good or bad fortune with it. Hopefully I appease her enough to bring only good! 

Cats being cats – Creative Time
Mark began his jaguar drawing, with the big cat emerging into view
Cats being cats – Creative Time
And he continued adding in colour, capturing the character of the jaguar, and the lively movement in the environment
Cats being cats – Creative Time
Ken’s pen came out and flowed and hatched, giving us a cozy meeting with the amiable Robyn

More of us are being at home now, so we are bringing you some regular fun and relaxing activities – Creative Time – to encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and stay in touch!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. post on our Facebook page or 2. email us your image.

Creative Time

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